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Our Philosophy 

Our Philosophy at Carey On Dental

Our philosophy is to provide quality dentistry to families in a family home environment and in a relaxed setting. Our staff care about the people we treat and we believe it shows in our demeanour. Our dentist, Dr. Garry Graves and his exceptional staff carry over 30 years experience in treating all kinds of patients whether they are apprehensive or relaxed. Our belief is that each person that walks through the front door deserves our compassion, our knowledge and our expertise regarding their best interests and needs in the dental world. We believe that this shows in how you are treated during your appointments that are booked at our office. We promise to strive to do our best at all times and we know that this will show when you attend Carey On Family Dental. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and relaxed while we give you all the treatment you need or want. We will know when we have met our goal when you leave smiling!

Our Dentistry 

We use state of the art dentistry

We offer family dental services, plus the latest technologies in cosmetic, restorative and preventative services.  Dr. Graves has been down to Dallas, Texas with staff to attend two full days of continuing education for a state of the art new machine called an E4D.  In August 2014, he went to Las Vegas, The Business of Dentistry to continue updating his knowledge with this  E4D machine and expanding his ability to not only produce crowns in the office but to be able to create bridges. 

Continuing Education is vital to the way we want to practice and educate you, our clients. The benefits of continuing education in dentistry for both the dental professional and the cosmetic dentistry consumer are clear. Continuing dental education programs provide top-notch instruction and dissemination of the best technological and intellectual information in the dental field. Our goal is to maintain high quality standards in order that we will consistently achieve excellent results that in turn will keep our patients completely satisfied.

Mission Statement

Our stated mission at Carey On Family Dental

Our dental practice is a team-spirited, patient-centered office.  We believe in the best possible care for all of our patients and will do our best to give them that care.  We treat each patient exactly the same, in a friendly caring manner and we never pre-judge their ability to pay for services.  We continually update our skills and our technology for the benefit of our patient's care and also for our own personal and professional growth. We operate a dental practice that will have a mandate to improve the oral condition of each and every patient that we treat. We will draw on our many years of experience to deliver our dentistry painlessly and in a fashion that develops a trust between the patient and us.  Most importantly, it is our desire that patients are educated in a fashion that allows informed consent to the treatments that we advise and the patients understand what, why and how we do what we do.