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We are getting more and more inquiries around dental insurance policies. When I first entered into dentistry, almost 36 years ago it was quite simple. There were two major dental plans: C U and C, and MSA and they had very few limitations. In this day and age it has changed drastically as each dental plan has an amount they are limited to each year for all their dental coverage, as low as $500 per year and up to as much as $3000.00. Yes, there is a huge difference between dental policies.



We want to do the very best we can for each of you in regards to your dental treatment; however, it is very difficult to figure out how much each person is limited to in their dental plan. And, we want to do what is 'best' for your optimal dental health.

Dental benefits have, on the one hand, elevated the average level of dental health while on the other have now started to dictate treatment choice to many. Many times, I have heard patients say, "I only want what my dental insurance covers". This is a difficult road for us to follow as many dental assistance plans have numerous stipulations and limitations.



With the implementation of the Privacy Act, it has become more and more difficult for us to even make inquires on our patients behalf as we used to as there are restrictions imposed upon us by the Privacy Act. We can no longer make inquiries to your dental benefits provider on your behalf.

That is a private contract between you, your employer and your provider. However, what we can do is offer to assist you by giving you a list of questions we would have asked on your behalf in the past. Dental terminology is a foreign language to many and we can certainly help guide you in that

direction. At times, we, as a dental office would like to break free from the constraints, limitations, and frustrations of dental benefits as sometimes what the dental plan states and what is needed

for the betterment of that person's health does not coincide.

The good thing is that dental benefits will reduce your fee.

We will be more than happy to electronically submit your claim along with any diagnostics such as x-rays, charting, etc. that will enable you to receive the maximum benefit possible from the plan your employer has chosen for you.