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Before - Tooth sensitive to bite due to fractures.

After - E4D crown done on same day appointment. Dr. Graves likes to add stain in grooves to make restoration more realistic.


Left Central Incisor - Before E4D crown.

E4D crown in place. Crown made same day - One appointment.


Before -  Upper Right 1st molar before crowning.

After - Same molar after E4D crown - same day.


In Dr. Graves own words... 

Here are excerpts from an Interview with Dr. Graves at his office.  

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4039 Carey Road, Victoria, BC,  V8Z 4E9

Our location is at 4039 Carey Road. We have plenty of patient parking around the back of the building. Please note that you enter through the side door (which has a ramp for anyone who has difficulty with stairs). Do not use the front entrance as it is permanently locked.