Victoria BC, Family Dentistry

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Victoria BC, Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry brought to you from a family home.

Victoria BC, Family Dentistry

We are team

spirited and


Victoria, BC Family Dentist

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Mission Statement

Our dental practice is a team-spirited, patient-centered office. We believe in the best possible care for all of our patients and will do our best to give them that care. We treat each patient exactly the same, in a friendly caring manner and we never pre-judge their ability to pay for services. We continually update our skills and our technology for the benefit of our patient's care and also for our own personal and professional growth. We operate a dental practice that will have a mandate to improve the oral condition of each and every patient that we treat. We will draw on our many years of experience to deliver our dentistry painlessly and in a fashion that develops a trust between the patient

and us. 

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Carey On Family Dental, Victoria

Family Dentist in Victoria, British Columbia

Our philosophy is to provide quality dentistry to

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